CSE also specializes in solving engineering challenges related to indoor structures like stairs, railings and curtain walls. We work with developers, architects, homeowners and contractors to handle the technical aspects of incorporating specific stairway designs into existing layouts, provide design drawings for safety and decorative railings, and handle design modifications to accommodate new window and door configurations in commercial and residential buildings. 

Econ Stairs


We also work with clients on commercial and residential heavy timber and post-and-beam construction projects like the dining hall at the Fresh Air Fund summer camp in Fishkill, NY, where we devised an elaborate system of heavy timber trusses that both held up the structure’s roof and fit with the lead architect’s design scheme. 

FAF Dining 005

 FAF Dining 002











Other pieces of our specialty engineering work aren’t as visible, but are just as important.  We provide a variety of excavation, shoring and concrete form solutions for commercial and residential builders.  Our clients have been able to build multiple-story office buildings above existing restaurants without disrupting the business below. At JFK International Airport, we devised the shoring and rigging systems that allowed the dramatic geometric ceiling elements in JetBlue’s new terminal to stay in place until they were interlocked during final construction.  In Manhattan, we’ve helped clients shore and safely excavate narrow pieces of property with no damage to the surrounding buildings.