Law enforcement personnel are responsible for determining if a fire in a structure or vehicle was criminal in nature, but the investigation doesn’t stop there. CSE helps clients perform independent research into the cause of vehicle and structural fires, as well as chemical and gas explosions and electrical fires in homes and commercial buildings.


Our expert investigators are trained in evaluating fire damage on scene and investigating the relationship between the damage and any electrical and/or mechanical equipment in the area, as well as performing chemical and other trace evidence analysis to determine likely causes.



We’ve helped clients pinpoint faults in heating and electrical systems in industrial settings, perform complete forensic analysis on automobile fires and source potentially dangerous design flaws in residential chimney and furnace applications, among other projects.


CSE specializes in providing detailed, fundamentally sound cause/origin reports for our clients with both easy-to-understand summaries and comprehensive technical and scientific support. We’re also available to work with clients on each step of the fire investigation process, from evidence collection to expert court testimony.